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Bee Hive Transparent

Our mission is to Crosspollinate cultures through conscious cocreation.

We aim to preserve indigenous handicraft arts and ancient traditions by empowering handicraft artisans and supporting indigenous communities.

Women supporting Women.

Our project inspires a movement of global sisterhood and global citizenship as we collaborate with indigenous female handicraft artists around the world. We give 10% of our profits to the Sacred Valley Project which helps impoverished indigenous women in Peru to thrive.

Each one of our unique, handcrafted items are ritually infused with healing Energy Medicine so that wearing it invokes your highest healing vibration. Our divine creations are where conscious Modern Fashion meets the wisdom of ancient symbology. We call our creations Angelic Regalia and intend for our products to awaken your cosmic divinity. It is designed to bring out the unique spiritual essence of the person who wears it. Wearing a Goddess Cape is an invitation to fully embody the magic within you. Every item created by Goddess Capes adorns the Cosmic Goddess or God within you!

Image by Alexander Schimmeck

Our Vision.


The Vision seeded for GODDESS CAPES is much greater than just being another brand. Our creations are bridging worlds by infusing ancient symbology into modern fashion. In the spirit of cocreation, our designs allow urban artists and indigenous communities to relate, connect and collaborate.


The heart of GODDESS CAPES is centered in creating meaningful relationships across the world which empower female native artisans and help impoverished indigenous communities to thrive. GODDESS CAPES is igniting a movement of global cocreation, global citizenship and global sisterhood through conscious cocreation of our sustainable, regal, luxurious Rare-finds.


The Artisans.

Supporting indigenous cultures is what keeps us inspired. Each of our pieces has been designed by contemporary artists from America and are handmade by Native Artisans. The wisdom of ancient civilizations is embedded into ancient textile patterns and artistry. We are committed to preserving the art and symbols our ancient cultures by infusing this magic into our designs. 10% of all our profits are donated to the Sacred Valley Project fundraiser to support indigenous Peruvian women.

Our Materials.

We are committed to sourcing only the highest quality and most ethical materials. Each piece in the Goddess collection is handwoven with sustainable, ethically-sourced 100% Peruvian alpaca wool, and dyed only with natural dyes. Our blue hats are naturally died with Peruvian purple potatoes.


Alpaca Fur.

Alpacas are adapted to the climate of the Peruvian Andes Mountains, making their fur the highest quality fiber in the world. Their wool is decadently soft and light, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, insulating during cold temperatures, and breathable in high heat. They are sheared only twice a year, making their wool one of the most rare and exclusive fibers on the planet. Each piece in our Goddess collection is handwoven with sustainable, ethically-sourced 100% Peruvian alpaca wool. NO ALPACAS are harmed in the making of our designs! 


The wisdom of the Incas resonates through the patterns of our designs. Each item is alchemically infused with the energies of unconditional love, supreme healing, and crystalline protection.


May your GODDESS CAPE align you with your highest vibration!

Image by Adrian Dascal

“When I wear this cape, I just can’t stop touching it! It is so soft, elegant and stylish. when I wear it, I can feel the pure love and energy that was put into its making.”

- Nicolette Marie, Austin, TX

About the Curator.


Brandilyn Bee is a creative visionary and spiritual counselor from the West Coast. Through her international travels and humanitarian work, she fell in love with native traditions, ancient patterns, unique designs, and textiles that tell a story from ancient civilizations. She has her MA in Integral Psychology and offers Intuitive Energy Medicine to her clientele in the San Francisco Bay Area. She leads intentional gatherings that harmonize people with the seasons through Ritual. She facilitates sound healing and cacao ceremonies. Her entrepreneurial passions are centered in creating meaningful, deep, interpersonal relationships with people from cultures around the world that bring joy, love, pleasure and bliss to existence.

A Note from Brandilyn...

Hello Darling Earthling!

Your interest in our GODDESS CAPES brings my heart delight and elation. This Passion Project is deeply guided by Spirit and Intuition. I can’t even begin to describe the magic and synchronicity I have experienced throughout the journey.

The ancient traditions and cultures of PERU have deeply transformed me and helped me to heal my soul. Every time I am in the Amazon or the Andes, I feel so at home. I wonder if I was an Incan Goddess in a past lifetime.

I first went to Peru when I was 18 years old. I will never forget when I first watched the indigenous women make incredibly complex weavings while having casual conversation. I was a crafty girl myself, so I knew what skill it took to create these patterns and textiles. I marveled at their ability to create and produce intricate patterns without even having to think about it. They did not have to have a graph, chart or pattern to help them produce an ancient design of an incan cross, puma, snake or condor. By solely watching them, I realized they had an intuitive sense that allowed them to channel the pattern directly from a force beyond them. This woke me up and inspired me to harness my own intuitive gifts!

We are ALL cosmic royalty and this entire Universe is our Queendom & Kingdom! It is my prayer that my designs invoke the Divine Goddess & God within YOU.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. YOU ARE LOVED!



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