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Welcome to GODDESS CAPES Reciprocity Referral Program!

I have created this program to THANK YOU for sharing the beauty of GODDESS CAPES as a loyal ambassador. By spreading the invitation for Women to Shine by adorning themselves with a piece that is one of a kind, you expand opportunities to attract your soul tribe.

Upon becoming a Referral Partner, you will receive a custom discount code & affiliate link. Your discount code & affiliate link will automatically apply a 15% discount to each new customer you refer (their first order only) and you will receive a generous amount of 15% commission on each sale (that's about $200 per cape that is purchased from your referral).

Commissions are made monthly via PayPal. Must have a PayPal account set up to participate. 


When you refer a new customer: Customer receives 15% off their FIRST order using your affiliate discount code or link.

You will receive a 15% commission on their first order and on any of their future orders.

What's more is that if you commit to selling 2 capes per month through your referral link, you can purchase your next goddess cape at wholesale pricing!

IMPORTANT GUIDELINES: Commissions cannot be received for personal orders. Using personal affiliate links/codes on personal orders will result in immediate account termination. All sales are audited in depth to ensure our guidelines are upheld.


  1. Apply with this form. Be sure to review Terms & Conditions at bottom of application.

  2. Upon approval, log in to your portal to obtain your affiliate link, a custom discount code coupon, and to set up your PayPal account to receive commissions.

  3. Share GODDESS CAPES with your community online and in person. Tag @goddesscapes so I can follow along!


I look forward to working with you and sincerely appreciate your desire to be a Goddess with us!



Brandilyn Clay

Founder & Chief Designer, GODDESS CAPES

Thank you for your interest in joining our affiliate program! You can expect a response within 48 hours.

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